Meeting summary and materials presented at Joint OSSE meeting

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Why forecast run is used. (Tom Schlatter et al.)


Presentation related to ADM-Aeolus and DWL OSSEs

January 30 2009 Gert-Jan Marseille Visited NCEPand gave a seminar
June 19 2009 Ad Stoffelen visited NCEP and gave a seminar
Copies of presentations by David Tan in July 2008

Presentationi related to calibration and simmulation of observations

Presentations related to Regional OSSEs

Potential candidates for the future Nature Runs


Presentation and material in meetings on 6/5,7/11,7/31,8/27,/8/28

6/5: Presentation about adjoint technique by Yanqiu Zhu. Discussion of simulation of DWL, Progress in simulation of radiance at GMAO.
7/11: subgroup meeting:David Tan visited NCEP and gave a seminar and demonstrate L2b processor
7/31: subgroup meeting for meso-regional OSSE:Evaluation of T799 NR and meso scale OSSE
Thomas Jung gave a presentation about recent progress in ECMWF model and evaluation of IFS c31r1 which is used for Joint OSSE NR. He agreed that increasing horizontal resolution may not improve tropics.
8/27 subgroup meeting for radiation: Ron Errico present GMAO observation simulator
8/28 Summary of three subgroup meetings.
Introducing new OSSE activities. Lidia cucurull present "OSSE capability for GNSS Radio-Occultation (RO) observations"

EMC seminar by David Tan on 7/11/2008

ADM -Aeolus Preprocessor and related presentaiton.
Discussion on DWL and ADM OSSEs

April 10,2008

Meso scale OSSE at MSU, NASA portal and gradsdods access, EMC seminar, Presentation at GMB about ADM. January 1,2008 and February 21, 2008 and progress during March 2008
Mesoscale OSSE at NCAR, Tropics in T799 NR, Arctic Boundary Layer, Simulation of Radiance, DWL


November 29, 2007

Discussion about meso scale OSSEs

November 1, 2007

Ensemble aspect,RAOB drift, Simulation of GOES data

August and September, 2007
Jun 7, 2007
May 24, 2007
April 12, 2007
February 2007
January 2007


Meeting note before Nov 2006

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The Description of Nature RUN data set
Diagnostics results and evaluation of the Nature Run
More diagnostics results and evaluation of the Nature Run
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