Joint OSSE data

February 2012

Simulated observation (with no observational error) and corresponding real observations are posted.   Please check
for more detail.   It is easier to view the data at NASA as the NCAR data are saved on tape, but it may be easier to download large quantities  of data from NCAR.

Data set at NCAR are moved to HPSS system.  At NCAR, addition to Nature run in low resolution  regular grid in pressure level, some simulated observation are posted at

At NASA/NCCS portal, the complete Nature run data set is available from
Additional data are posted from
For more detail please visit
Many presentations and data have been shared within Joint OSSE.  Please give appropriate credit to people who generously provided contributions.

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If you wish to provide any update in your progress, we are very happy to include in updated progress page.

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Michiko Masutani (NOAA/NWS/NCEP/EMC, and JCSDA)