Note for OSSE Capability

Michiko Masutani  2/11/2008

(This is an informal note based on my personal impression.)





Coordinate Joint OSSE effort.  Contact point for ECMWF


Coordinating calibration experiments


Process and distribute NR


Processing Nature run into 91 level profiles (OBS91L)

            This requires processing NR in 3D


Simulate conventional observation


Simulate uniform data and other idealized data

            Michiko Masutani Jim Purser


Conduct global data assimilation with GSI and GFS


Include codes to process new

All radiance which has been implemented to GSI

DWL with LOS (It require more test for GSI.  Operational code will not work.)

Quick Scat

ASCAT: under development


Assist GSI and GFS code and scripts: Yucheng Song and Michiko Masutani

            With help from  Daryl Kleist and other GSI member H Liu, X Su.


Assist usage of CRTM: David Groff is acting as contact person


Provide utility code: Wesley Ebisuzaki, George Gyno


Theoretical support for data assimilation: Jim Purser and other member of GSI developers



Simulate radiance from OBS91L using CRTM and other existing RTMs

            (Tong Zhu, Haibing Sun)


Development CRTM (Many)


Support for CTRM usage (Tong Zhu)


Evaluate radiance data and produce plot


Conduct data assimilation (Jim Jung)





Simulation of Radiance: Ron Errico and Runhua Yang with help of Emily Liu

Currently they use OBS91L produced by  NCEP. Code is provided by J. Woollen(NCEP)  In future they will produce them selves.

CRTM is provided by Tong Zhu (NESDIS) and SARTA by Haibing (NESDIS)


Simulation of conventional data

            Ron Errico will repeat Jack's work.  Need coordination


Theoretical support for data assimilation: Ron Errico and other GMAO staff


Simulation of DWL GWOS concept: Alindo DaSilva Math McGill


Maintenance of portal system and NASA OSSE web site: Harper Pryor


Conduct data assimilation using GSI and GEOS-5 model

            In order to simulate DWL, GMAO need to upgrade from NCEP.


Diagnostics of hurricane, mid latitude cyclone statistics: Oreste Reale and his hires


Write up papers on diagnostics - Oreste Reale


Visualization of NR- Summer time internship program


Sensor web project at SIVO will have various relevant work





Help coordinating Joint OSSE -- Tom Schlatter


Simulate Unmanned Air Craft System (UAS) -- (Niki Prive and Yuanfu Xie)


Conduct data assimilation  using NCEP GFS and  GSI -- (Niki Prive and Yuanfu Xie)


Assist on GSI: Steve (Weigandt and  M. Hu)


Capable to conduct regional OSSE : Steve Weygandt


Theoretical support for data assimilation: Dezso Devenyi, Tom Schletter, Steve Weygandt


Possibly simulate radiance data (Daniel L Birkenheuer )



SWA will receive better PCs from NASA for sensor web project


SWA investigating cloud effect in simulating DWL


SWA has long time experience in simulating DWL data and simulate DWL for T213 NR.


SWA has received a fund to simulate GWOS and NWOS as well as other and follow-on mission concepts.


Participating sensor web project at NASA/SIVO




KNMI has access to ECMWF computing system


Simulate DWL for ADM mission with a non scan lidar and for follow-on concept (multiple non-scan lidar)


Simulate scattermeter data


Conduct  data assimilation using ECMWF system


SOSSE (Other type of simulation experiments)




Produce NR


Conduct data assimilation using ECMWF system

            Identical twin OSSE and fraternal twin OSSE to study model error


Data impact test using ensemble spread



Valentine Anantharaj,  Pat Fitzpatrick, Chris Hill,

All three can work on coding and experimenting

Val is most senior.  Pat may be professor Chris is finishing up PhD


Familiar with RAM, MM5, and WRF

They may be able to produce meso-regional NR and willing to share within Joint OSSE

Computer with 100 CPU

Committed to conduct meso/regional OSSE

Agreed to start from regional OSSE with  T799 NR



Familier with RAM and other meso scale model

Simulation of radiance-Alan Huang

Help SWA to simulate Cloud motion vectors - Chris Velden

They may be able to produce meso-regional NR


JMA, JAMSTEC and NICAM project at Univ. Tokyo

Access to Earth Simulator (ES).  Requires to write a proposal to use ES


Takeshi Enomoto of JAMSTEC may be interested in running NICAM to produce global mesoscale model


JMA has  4D-var, LETKF and 3D-var.  Comparison between 4D-var and LETKF can be done at JMA computer. - Takemasa Miyowhi




Help distribution of verification data.


University of Utah

Conduct regional OSSE using GSI to evaluate DWL:  Zhaoxia Pu



OSSE to test regional data assimilation (Craig Bishop)